Information on SILVA Licence Change

Change of SILVA license model for commercial users in fall 2018

With the upcoming full database release which is expected for fall 2018, the SILVA project will resign the current dual licensing model and the SILVA data sets will become fully free also for commercial/non-academic users. By that change SILVA is following the idea of the Open Access initiative.

Please note that the current SILVA 132 release and all prior releases will remain under the current license model as outlined at our The SILVA Commercial Licenses page also after release of the upcoming data sets in fall 2018 and the following years. This is because the SILVA licensing model was and will remain release-specific. However, the need for an out-dated data set (i.e. SILVA 132 and older as soon as the fall 2018 release has become available) is probably representing a rather theoretical scenario.

As a consequence of the release-specific license model we can also not predict the exact date of the upcoming license change. The next full SILVA release is scheduled for Sep/Oct 2018 but there may occur unexpected delays - we are asking for your understanding.

For the current transition phase the costs for the SILVA commercial licenses will be reduced step by step in order to cope with the specific situation as outlined above, also bearing in mind the uncertain reference date. We will try to accommodate the concerns of the SILVA commercial users at its best.

In case you have any further questions related to the upcoming SILVA license change feel free to contact us at

Ribocon GmbH
Bremen, April 23, 2018