Information on SILVA Licence Change

[Update] Change of SILVA license model for commercial users in fall 2019

With the upcoming full database release 138 which is now expected for October 2019 (see also latest news of the SILVA project), SILVA will resign the current dual licensing model and the data sets will become fully free also for commercial/non-academic users. By that change SILVA is following the idea of the Open Access initiative.

Please note that the current SILVA 132 release as well as all prior releases will remain under the old license model as outlined at our The SILVA Commercial Licenses page also after release of the new free data sets in fall 2019. However, the need for an outdated data set (i.e. SILVA 132 or older as soon as the fall 2019 release has become available) is probably representing a rather theoretical scenario.

During the transition phase (from release of current SILVA 132 to upcoming SILVA 138) we have started to reduce step by step the costs of the SILVA commercial licenses in order to cope with the specific situation and to accommodate the corresponding concerns of the SILVA commercial users at its best.

In case of further questions related to the SILVA license change feel free to contact us at

Ribocon GmbH
Bremen, September 6, 2019